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Learn more about your windshield & how it concerns your safety

Just like a seatbelt, your vehicle's windshield is a safety feature instrumental in keeping you and all of your passengers safe in the event of a collision. The team at 231 MOBILE AUTO GLASS believes that all car owners need to be educated about the significance of their vehicle's windshield and how vitally important it is regarding safety.

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Properly Installed Windshields Save Lives

The products used for windshield replacements can mean a world of difference. When auto glass shops use sub-par adhesives, this could cause your windshield to pop out during a collision, which could lead to further injury to you or your passengers.

Your Safety Matters

231 MOBILE AUTO GLASS always uses the best adhesives and glass products in order to keep you safe while on the road. We also strictly follow all of the recommended safety guidelines during each of our auto glass and windshield installations to ensure your safety.


Windshield safety facts

  • Your windshield protects everyone inside from wind caused by travelling at high speeds as well as road debris kicked up from other vehicles and inclement weather.
  • In rollover situations, your windshield is responsible for 60% of a car's structural integrity. Without a windshield, it is almost certain that the inside cabin will cave in.
  • Your windshield is a key element during airbag deployment offering the support necessary to successfully stop the driver and front passenger from moving forward and being ejected from the vehicle. Improperly installed windshields have been known to pop out completely during crashes and consequently providing no such support for airbags.


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